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I want to find out more about cancer survivorship.

The survivorship portal aims to address the objective of increasing Texans' knowledge of survivorship issues by providing links to pre-screened survivorship websites and publications.

Updated December 2021

The sites have been reviewed for quality using a predetermined criteria and are organized by survivorship topic and cancer type. These links include websites based in Texas as well as those found across the country that contain information or services that are available to Texans. Texas based sites are identified by a small Texas icon.

Links were reviewed for survivorship content and categorized into over thirty emotional, physical and practical/economic topics, such as finding support, pain management and insurance.


Select a Survivorship Topic and a Cancer Type and click on the Submit Query button below.

Survivorship Topic:

Cancer Type:


Link Selection Criteria

The link selection criteria for includes:

  • Cancer Related

  • Educational/Informational - Purpose is primarily educational and/or informational. (Site is not overtly commercial. However, site may charge shipping and handling costs to cover mailing or production of materials.)

  • Responsibility - institution, organization, author, or sponsor is clearly identified.

  • Content - Content should have sources of information and credentials of authors indicated. Caveats and disclaimers are included and easily found. Dates that content was posted and updated should be indicated and easily found. Site is user-friendly and provides information that is relevant to the audience.

  • Credibility of Information - for example, reputation of hosting entity, accuracy of information, and/or scientific basis - expert opinion vs. systematic controlled studies, etc. as appropriate to subject matter.

  • Accessible - The site is consistently available and maintained. The site is accessible to the commonly used browsers, i.e., Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

  • Feedback - feedback mechanism is easily available to users whether by phone, fax or e-mail.


Suggest a Link

If you would like to suggest a link for inclusion in, please e-mail All proposed links are reviewed according to the predetermined criteria above to assess the overall quality and usefulness of the information found on each site.