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Texas Population Estimates and Projections - 1990-2018

Texas population data presented here include census counts for 1990 and 2000, estimates for 1991 through 1999 and 2001 through 2008, and projections for 2009 through 2018. Data for population estimates and projections are provided by the Center for Health Statistics (CHS), Texas Department of State Health Services. Data for all years since 1999 was provided to CHS by the Texas State Data Center. The races/ethnic groups and population estimates presented here are not the same as those used in the calculation of the cancer incidence and mortality rates on the TCI Web site. To view the population associated with the cancer rates, search our NCI Texas Population for Cancer Statistics.

The racial/ethnic groups represented in the population estimates and projections are: Total (All Races), Anglo (Non-Hispanic White), Black, Hispanic, and Other.

Age categories are divided into 19 age groups: one group for ages less than 1 year, 16 five-year intervals for ages 5 through 84 years of age, and one group for ages 85 and above.

For additional information regarding the population data presented here and for additional population data, contact

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