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Texas Cancer Information provides information on national, state and local/community level cancer-related support. Types of support listed include information and referral providers; support groups, counseling and education; transportation, housing, and medical equipment; and access to cancer care for low-income and uninsured patient in Texas counties.

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Local/Community Information and Support Resources

Texas Cancer Information collects and provides referral information on support, counseling, education, and additional assistance such as transportation, housing, and medical equipment. The information listed for each resource in the Local/Community Information and Support Resources database is based on its responses to the annual Community Resource Database Update survey. Original listings were derived from the Community Resource Directory previously maintained by the National Cancer Society's Cancer Information Service (CIS) serving Texas. Included in the database are general information, services provided, and Texas counties served.

Statewide/Texas-based and National Information and Support Resources

In the Statewide/Texas-based Resources section of the Statewide/Texas-based Information and Support Resources page you will find links to Texas-based cancer information and support resources, such as state-wide Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas projects, appropriate state agencies, Texas-based support agencies and the Texas divisions of national support agencies. In the National Resources section, there are links to the Web sites of several national agencies that provide cancer-related information and support.

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