he agonizing need for effective relief from cancer pain is a problem faced by thousands of Texas cancer patients each day. Yet the ability to treat cancer pain effectively, safely, and humanely is within the reach of every physician, nurse, and pharmacist in Texas. To end the needless suffering, and allow modern medicine to use its most potent weapons against pain, the Texas Cancer Pain Initiative needs donations, members, and volunteers to continue its fight. TCPI invites all healthcare professionals and lay people concerned about the suffering of cancer patients to join the initiative in this cause.
To join TCPI the Texas Cancer Pain Initiative, contact TCPI at the address below. Please indicate any special areas of interest you have in helping TCPI. All members will receive the free quarterly newsletter, "Q Quarter," for updates on progress being made by TCPI. Your tax deductible donations are also needed and will be used to continue TCPI's work throughout Texas.

TCPI Appreciates Official Support from the Following Healthcare Organizations:

Texas Medical Association
Texas Nurses Association
Texas Cancer Council
Texas Pharmaceutical Association
Texas Pain Society
American Cancer Society - Texas Division
Texas Society of Hospital Pharmacists
Association of Chaplains of Texas
The University of Texas Medical Branch
The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
Texas Society for Hospital Social Work Directors
Texas Psychological Association
Texas Society of Medical Oncologists
Texas Hospice Organization
Oncology Nursing Society of El Paso
Oncology Nursing Society of Austin
Oncology Nursing Pan Handle Society
The Hospice of the Texas Medical Center
Texas State Board of Pharmacy
Texas State Board of Nursing Examiners