The promotion of optimum pain relief for all cancer patients suffering pain, regardless of the
stage of their disease or prognosis, through education, demonstration, or other means.

Specific goals set out by
TCPI to achieve this mission

Enhance the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of healthcare professionals in treating cancer pain.
Promote greater awareness of cancer pain issues among patients, their families, and the general public.
Identify and eliminate the barriers to the adequate treatment of cancer pain.
Promote research into cancer pain and effective treatments to manage it.
Work with any organizations, agencies, institutions, or individuals who seek to improve cancer pain treatments.
Serve as an educational and communication resource center about cancer pain and its relief.
Activities of the Texas Cancer Pain Initiative

TCPI is diligently working to affect change in the treatment of cancer pain through a number of programs. These include:

The development of education materials, booklets, and displays for both public and professional use.
The establishment of a clearinghouse for resource materials to be used by healthcare professionals, public advocates, patient support groups, and the media.
The creation of a mentor program to help train healthcare professionals from every hospital and medical school in Texas in the importance of effective cancer pain treatment.
The establishment of an advocacy network and speaker's bureau of professionals, patients, and family members who can address the issue of cancer pain treatment.
The promotion of cancer pain issues through media awareness and increased communication between healthcare professionals and regulatory agencies.
The active promotion of new curriculum guidelines and cancer pain research findings.
Monitoring and evaluating laws and regulations that could impact cancer pain treatment and the use of narcotics.