lthough cancer can be a devastating experience, the pain a tumor or its treatment may cause can be relieved. Nonetheless, many cancer patients in Texas endure severe cancer pain every day needlessly.

Patients suffer because healthcare professionals and the public alike mistakenly equate the prescription of strong pain remedies with illegal drug activities. Physicians fear that state and federal investigators will suspect that the drugs being prescribed are being "diverted"' for illicit use. In addition, physicians - and even cancer patients themselves - often harbor unfounded fears that strong pain medications will invariably lead to addiction, even when studies have proven it is nearly impossible for a cancer patient to become psychologically addicted to pain medication.

The Texas Cancer Pain Initiative was founded in 1991 to educate healthcare professionals and the public about the benefits and safety of pharmacological and psychological pain remedies used today. But as long as these myths and fears linger, so will the suffering.

The cure for cancer pain is available now. With your help, the Texas Cancer Pain Initiative is working to end the suffering today.