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All Information on an Individual Community Cancer Coalition

Date: 07/21/2024

Cancer Coalition of North Texas (CCNT)

Community Cancer Coalition Contact Information

Community Cancer Coalition Name:

Cancer Coalition of North Texas (CCNT)

Address Line 1:

Address Line 2:


Wichita Falls, TX

Zip Code:


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Name of Coalition Coordinator/Public Contact:

Kim George, MSN, RN, ACNS-BC, OCN

Coordinator Title:


Coordinator's Salute
(Example: Dr. Smith):

Ms. George

Telephone (main):

(940) 764-8325

Additional Phone:

Toll Free Phone:

(not displayed on Web):


Internet E-mail Address:


Web Address:


General Information

Does your coalition have a regular chair?:


If yes, please complete the following:

Name of Coalition Chair:

Chair Title:

Chair's Salute
(Example: Dr. Smith):

Is your community cancer coalition a subgroup of a larger health coalition?:

If yes, please specify name of health coalition:

Wichita Falls Health Alliance

Approximately how many members are part of your cancer coalition?:


List Organizations/Agencies whose representatives are members of your cancer coalition.

American Cancer Society, United Regional, Wichita Falls Community Healthcare Center,
Wichita County - Wichita Falls Public Health District, Saint-Gobain Vetrotex America,
DSHS Region 2/3, North Texas State Hospital, Helen Farabee Center, American Hospice,
Sheppard AFB Health & Wellness, State Rep. David Farabee District Aide,
Texas Cooperative Extension

Year Coalition Started:


Cancer Coalition Vision/Mission:

Vision: Eliminate cancer through North Texas Community partnerships. Mission: The Cancer Coalition of North Texas will educate individuals, families and communities to prevent, survive and reduce the human and economic burden of cancer through a strong and vital network of cancer organizations, county agencies and local volunteers.

Coalition's Major Activities and/or Accomplishments During the Past Year:

Identifying key stakeholders, mobilizing partners, holding monthly meetings, coming to consensus on
vision and mission statements, looking at data to determine needs, prioritizing needs, partnering
with NOEP to bring continuing education training to nurses in Wichita Falls on colorectal cancer.
Participating in Toolkit workshop and follow-up Toolkit workshop

Do you have data specific to your community that you use in planning your activities?:


If yes, source of data:

Texas Cancer Registry, BRFSS

Geographic Areas Served in Texas

Does your coalition represent all counties in Texas?:


---- Texas Counties ----

Archer, Baylor, Clay, Wichita, Wilbarger
We really have not formally established boundaries, but the consensus of the group was to have a broader scope than just Wichita County.

Texas CancerPlan Goals and Objectives Addressed by Your Coalition

Goal I: Prevention Information and Services


Objective A: Increase availability of effective cancer prevention materials and programs.

Objective B: Increase awareness of and access to cancer prevention services.

Objective C: Promote healthy lifestyles and behaviors in children, particularly those at high risk for developing cancer, such as ethnically and culturally diverse populations and the medically underserved.

Objective D: Promote policies and programs aimed at reducing tobacco use and exposure to second hand smoke.

Objective E: Promote policies aimed at addressing cancer risk related to obesity.

Objective F: Increase awareness of and protection from carcinogens in the environment.

Goal II: Early Detection and Treatment


Objective A: Increase appropriate utilization of effective cancer screening services.

Objective B: Increase access to and appropriate utilization of cancer screening, diagnositc, treatment, and support services.

Objective C: Enhance quality of cancer screening, diagnostic, treatment, and support services.

Goal III: Professional Education and Practice


Objective A: Enhance health professionals' knowledge, skills, and practices regarding cancer prevention, early detection, treatment, support services, and survivorship.

Objective B: Address health professional workforce issues to adequately serve all Texans' cancer health needs.

Goal IV: Cancer Data Acquisition and Utilization


Objective A: Enhance existing cancer data systems to fully support the needs of Texas health care professionals, policy makers, planners, researchers, and the general public.

Objective B: Utilize quality data to support outcome-driven cancer control planning and utilization.

Goal V: Survivorship


Objective A: Increase knowledge of survivorship issues for the general public, cancer survivors, health care professionals, and policy makers.

Objective B: Increase the availability of effective programs and policies addressing cancer survivorship.

Objective C: Increase access to quality care and services for cancer survivors in Texas.

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