Colorectal Cancer
olorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in African-American men and the third leading cause in African-American women. From 1987-1991, colorectal cancer mortality rates declined 4.9% in White men and 6.7% in White women, compared to an increase of 4.1% in African-American men and 0.7% in African-American women (17). In 1991, more than 2,800 African-American males and nearly 3,250 African-American females died of colorectal cancer (18). During the period 1973-1991, the incidence rates increased by 36.1% in African-American men and 20% in African-American women (19).
American Cancer Society - Cuyahoga County
Colorectal cancer: the second most common cancer
Unknown Men and Women
Brochure defines anatomical terms associated with, addresses myths about, and lists warning signs of colorectal cancer.

American Cancer Society
Cancer of the Colon & Rectum
1994 Men and Women
Pamphlet provides information about affected groups, symptoms of, and the importance of early detection of colon and rectum cancer.

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