Goal 8: Reduce the incidence and mortality of skin cancer in the Houston MSA


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  • Facilitators
    • Mary Tripp, Ph.D. - Instructor, Behavioral Science, MD Anderson Cancer Center
    • Ellen Gritz, Ph.D. - Chair, Behavioral Science, MD Anderson Cancer Center

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Skin Cancer Poster


Data from the Texas Cancer Registry, SEER, and the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (BRFSS) are used to prioritize cancer sites and risk factors for inclusion within the cancer control plan. The following data and data sources are informing the activities of the Goal 8: Skin Cancer Workgroup.


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Contact Information

  • Rosalind S. Bello, M.A.
    Program Director
    Office of Health Policy
    Phone: 713-792-1066
    E-mail: rsbello@mdanderson.org

  • Ericka C. Parker
    Administrative Assistant
    Office of Health Policy
    Phone: 713-563-1218
    E-mail: ecparker@mdanderson.org

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